Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Glass Fencing Cecil Hills

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Enjoy the View Anywhere with Glass Fencing in Cecil Hills

Glass fencing in Cecil Hills is the perfect way to enjoy your surroundings from any angle. The clear glass panels let you keep an eye on your children during playtime in the pool. And gives you the ultimate view from the tallest outdoor balcony.

We install glass fencing in frameless designs. Each installation provides you with a seamless, transparent security solution for any outdoor environment. Their minimal design makes them suitable for any style of property too.

Each glass fencing installation comes with an Assured Glass warranty.

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Frameless Glass Fencing

Each glass panel is separated by cork pads to deliver a seamless look. The lines are barely visible and gives your installation a more cohesive and spacious feel.

The panels themselves are secured in-place with stainless steel spigots. These spigots can be installed into the ground or onto a base plate. They come in two designs: square anodized aluminium or round stainless steel. The edges are bevelled for a smooth touch, with no sharp corners to harm pets or small children.

Frameless glass fencing has no footholds or gaps, which prevent your pets and children from entering outside of supervised playtime.

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Glass Fencing in Cecil Hills

Strong and Low Maintenance Glass

No matter which style of glass fencing in Cecil Hills you choose, the 12mm thick toughened glass will keep you protected.

Toughened glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass. It’s strong enough to resist most common impacts and withstand exposure from extreme heat. Even if a glass panel does break, the glass shatters into tiny fragments to minimise the risk of injury.

Glass fencing is easy to maintain. A combination of warm water and soap is enough to remove any signs of dirt from the panels. While the stainless steel or anodized aluminium spigots are resistant to corrosion.


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