Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Expect high quality service from start to finish!

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You’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits of having glass fencing in your Marsden Park property.

From their crystal-clear transparency, low maintenance and minimal design, it’s no wonder they’re such a popular choice for homeowners, hotels, restaurants and commercial businesses.

So, if you’d like to enjoy having your own glass fence – why not give us a call today? To request your FREE consultation appointment, call 0412 414 845 and we’ll be happy to arrange a date and time for you.

Not only will we inspect your property, you’ll receive an obligation-free quote… and have the opportunity to look through our range of Frameless and Semi Frameless fencing solutions.

If you’ve yet to learn about the benefits of glass fencing in Marsden Park, here is some helpful information for you…

Separate Yourself From Disaster With 12mm of Clear Toughened Glass

Our glass panels go through a rigorous product process to deliver fantastic results.

They’re heated through thermal tempering, rapidly cooled and punch tested to ensure they meet Australian Standards. Not only are they capable of withstanding harsh impacts, they’re less prone to permanent chipping and scratching too.

In the unlikely event your glass breaks, the panels are specifically engineered to shatter into granule chunks to minimise injury.

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Glass Fencing in Marsden Park

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  • You receive professional advice about maintaining the quality of your glass fence
  • You receive a warranty on your glass fencing products and the installation itself


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