Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Glass Fencing The Ponds

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Create a Boundary for Your Outdoor Area That’s Near-Seamless

Discover the Benefits of Glass Fencing in The Ponds

Step out into your backyard and marvel at the transparency of your glass fencing. The corners are seamless and smooth around the edges. Each panel is effortlessly connected for an uninterrupted view from any angle.

With our prompt and professional installation service, you too can enjoy the benefits of glass fencing in The Ponds.

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From there, you can pick a Frameless fencing installation. Choose a suitable hinge system for your glass gate, including our range of stainless steel spigots.

The aluminium posts are available in a variety of colours to match your property.

Toughened Safety Glass That’s ‘Barely There’

When you install glass fencing in The Ponds, you receive the safest and most durable fencing on the market.

The 12mm thickened safety glass is four times stronger than standard glass. It’s polished to produce bevelled edges, which remove the presence of any sharp corners.

Each glass panel goes through a thermal tempering process, then rapidly cooled and punch tested to ensure maximum strength. They’re capable of withstanding thermal damage, harsh impacts and, in the unlikely event your glass breaks – they’re mechanically engineered to shatter into granular chunks to reduce injury.

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Glass Fencing in The Ponds

Product and Installation Warranty

We want you to enjoy your glass fencing for as long as possible. That’s why you receive a product and installation warranty with your purchase. If you have any issues with your installation, we’ll be happy to solve them for you.

Easy to Maintain

The stainless steel spigots and aluminium post are pre-treated to protect against corrosion. When your outdoor pool isn’t being used during winter and autumn, your pool fencing will remain rust-free all year round.

With some gentle warm water and soap, your glass panels will ‘thank you’ by continuing to deliver stunning transparency.


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