Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Pool Fencing Parramatta

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Pool Fencing in Parramatta | The Perfect View from Any Angle

Assured Glass is your local supplier of glass pool fencing in Parramatta.

Glass fencing is the easiest way to protect your family from unwanted access to the pool. With a series of connecting clear glass panels, it’s easy to watch the family from a distance at any angle.

Frameless fencing are a stylish addition for the outdoor space. The design is minimal and flexible enough to match any classic or modern architecture style.

Assured Glass installs swimming pool fencing to match any style or budget. We also offer a range of custom gates and security locks to meet your needs.

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Highly Durable

Enjoy your glass pool fencing through all seasons. The 12mm thick panels are evenly tempered and cooled to resist strong impacts and extreme weather. The support systems can be installed onto any tiled, concrete or hardwood surface.

Plus, the bevelled edges are free of sharp edges and totally safe around children.

In the unlikely event of breakage, the glass will fracture into tiny compounds to reduce the risk of injury.

Easy to Install

Having your own pool fencing is as easy as making one phone call.

We can arrange a professional installer to visit your property and give you an obligation-free quote. You can specify the preferred layout of your Frameless system.

Finally, your product is custom-manufactured and installed on a convenient day for you.

Seamless Integration

Whether you’re installing a pool fence to an open space or entertainment area, we can manufacture the fence to match the shape of your pool.

Thanks to the clear panels, you can enjoy the natural surroundings without being distracted by fence posts. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by the effortless look – so will your friends, family and neighbours!

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Pool Fencing in Parramatta

We’re Available in Parramatta

The Assured Glass team are conveniently located near Parramatta to keep waiting times down. We have the local knowledge to install domestic and commercial swimming pool fencing that complies with local council guidelines.

By choosing a local installer, you can be confident in the quality and performance of a locally made product.

Our pool fencing in Parramatta is custom-made and compliant with Australian standards.

  • Safe and Secure Boundary
  • Seamless Integration
  • 12mm Toughened Glass Panels
  • Frameless designs
  • Made in Australia
  • Warranty on all Products


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