Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Expect high quality service from start to finish!

Pool Fencing Sutherland Shire

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Pool Fencing in Sutherland Shire

Sutherland Shire is a tropical suburb that features clear coastal waters, long stretches of sand and fresh greenery. During summer, the beach is a popular destination that’s only matched by one thing… the local swimming pool.

Do you want to keep safe in the warmer months? Talk to Assured Glass – your local supplier of glass pool fencing in Sutherland Shire.

Glass fencing is an elegant touch for the backyard and prevents unwanted access to the pool. Its design is simple enough to blend in with a classic garden, modern entertainment area or alfresco.

Plus, the clear panels preserve the view from a far distance and any angle.

Built to Last

What makes our glass fencing so strong?

Made from annealed glass, the 12mm thick panels are heated in a tempered oven then rapidly cooled. This process increases its strength and ensures maximum resistance against harsh impacts. In the unlikely event of breaking, the glass will fracture into tiny granular chunks to prevent injury.

The stainless steel spigots and powder-coated aluminium posts are treated to resist all forms of atmospheric corrosion.

Each glass fence is made to meet the AS 1288-2006 standard and you receive a compliance certificate.


Choose from a range of stylish hinge systems and locks.

Each accessory is manufactured to fit your specific glass pool fencing. The glass-to-glass latch pack easily clamps onto the panel. Its quick-latch system effectively stops pets and children from accessing the pool.

Plus, the stainless steel hinges and locks are corrosion-resistant.

Custom Made

Assured Glass manufacture Frameless fencing to suit any size or configuration.

We can also build panels to accommodate for sloped terrain and stairways. No matter how big or small the layout – we can meet your specific needs.

All glass pool fencing installed at Sutherland Shire is manufactured in a local manufacturing plant.

Easy to Install

Glass swimming pool fencing can be installed onto any tiled, concrete or hardwood surface.

The stainless steel spigots and aluminium posts can be secured into the ground without damaging the surface. Installation is simple and usually takes a few hours to complete – with no disturbance to your day.

Your new glass fence will be ready to use straight away after being installed.

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Pool Fencing in Sutherland Shire

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  • Uninterrupted view from any angle
  • Safe and secure
  • Made to AS 1288-2006 standard
  • Warranty for all products and installations
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